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Chaya is the new pure roller derby and rollerskate brand from Powerslide. Being inside skating for 40 years and having the company background in roller skating, Chaya brings a lot of new things to the table which will help the skater perform better at every level of skating. Chaya’s image is clean, pure and only focused on what is needed for boots and plates: a fully functional product with great design and style.

The unique selling point for Chaya is the patented Dual Center Mount. For the first time ever, you can put a roller skate together with just two screws. No sending off your boots and plate to a shop for mounting and drilling work, no misplaced frames and no discussion about forward or backward mount. You are able to adjust the plate in the position that suits your skating style, and you can further adjust it forwards and backwards. The frame adjusts easily, allowing you to fine tune the frame from event to event if needed, such as flat track to banked track or from indoor arenas to outdoor.

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Chaya Rubber Stoppers Chaya Cherry Bomb Toe Stops

Chaya Rubber Stoppers are formulated from a natural rubber compound designed for high level performance. High abrasion resistance provides a longer lasting stop on any surface. Long stem. Choose from red, pink or mint green.

Our Price: $19.99