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sonar cayman wheels Charger Kids Roller Skate
CHEAP Sonar Cayman Wheels
Our Price: $17.99
Pacer Charger Kids Roller Skates
Our Price: $64.99
Sale Price: $54.99
Full set of 8 Sonar Cayman Indoor wheels. These are cheap! They roll cheap, are slick, wide and not very good but we get requests for them. Open stock- no packaging.

43mm x 62mm
Medusa Skates smallest pair of skates! The Pacer Charger children's skate is an all-purpose quad skate for indoor or outdoors.
  • Indoor/Outdoor skates
  • Boot: Deluxe comfort padding with reinforced ankle support
  • Plate: Pacer reinforced polymer plate with fixed toe stops and double action adjustable trucks
  • Wheels: Pacer polyurethane wheels
  • Bearings: G-Force 608ZB
*Exact model is discontinued. Limited stock remaining