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Radar Wheel Bag Radar Riva Roller Skate Wheels Radar Varsity wheels
Radar Wheel Bag
Our Price: $10.00
Radar Riva Wheels 96A
Our Price: $15.00
The Radar Wheelie bag is perfect for storing extra sets of wheels. Double handle/zipper design makes the bag easy to carry, load and unload. 8" x 5" Holds a set of 8 full-size wheels 96A Hard roller skate wheels for skating rinks; artistic, jam and rhythm skating; and concrete skateparks and bowls. 57mm x 32mm The Radar Varsity wheel is ideal for artistic, jam or rhythm skating. The hubless wheel is made from an Eagle material which delivers just the right amount of grip while allowing tremendous roll. Also good for smooth, concrete skateparks. 98A. 62mm x 43mm
Atom BOOM! Solid Core Nylon Wheels CIB x Reckless Vertex Wheels CIB x Reckless Aggressive Skate Wheels
Atom BOOM wheels provide grip with a controlled slide and are the fastest hybrid wheels ever made—guaranteed! The perfect wheel for all levels of roller derby and all positions, you will want a set of BOOM wheels in your skate bag! Vertex Wheels will take your skating to new heights. Our tallest, hardest wheel is designed to maintain motion and achieve maximum speed to hit new vertical heights.

It's no secret you want a hard wheel for skating parks and ramps, but when you're taking your skating to new heights, you need a wheel that will increase your velocity.

The Vertex wheel is designed for big bowls and vert ramps to sustain energy and drive speed.

  • 32.5mm wide
  • 61mm tall
  • 24mm running surface
  • 103A

"Skaters have a need for more speed and height and the Vertex wheel is the answer. Our signature edge shape and refined contact point ensure that you're still able to slide and grind with ease. The CIB skate team has been loving these wheels.
Carve, air, stall, slide, and grind higher than ever before!" -Lady Trample - CIB Founder

Priced per 4 pack. Available mid August 2018.
CIB x Reckless Wheels are designed specifically for aggressive rollerskating. 3 styles available for street, park and ramp skating.
Moxi Trick Wheels Moxi Trick Wheels 59mm Reckless Morph Solo Wheels
Also called Ramp Wheels or Park Wheels, the Moxi Trick wheels are developed to withstand the constant wear that the Moxi Skate Team puts on them. Perrfect for skateparks, indoor roller rinks and technical dance moves. 97A; 55mm. Also called Ramp Wheels or Park Wheels, the Moxi Trick wheels are developed to withstand the constant wear that the Moxi Skate Team puts on them. Perrfect for skateparks, indoor roller rinks and technical dance moves. 97A; 55mm. Like the original Morph dual durometer wheel, the Morph Solo has the same great link core, same great formula, same speed and grip, in a single durometer at an affordable price. 59mm x 38mm; available in 5 hardnesses.
Faster Flywheels Red & White- 1 4-pack left Sure-Grip Royal Roller Skate Wheels Sure-Grip SG1 Park Wheels
Sure-Grip Royal Wheels
Our Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $69.99

Faster introduces the FlyWheel, our lightest wheel to date. FlyWheels offer an innovative 'pitch perfect' hub focused on the optimal balance of strength and a tight turning radius. The FlyWheels hub accentuates Faster's trademark dual-durometer urethane to hold the tightest curve - or easily release for smooth break and slide.

FlyWheels feature both our complex-curve lip and a bevel profile. The complex-curve lip on our Skinny FlyWheels provide maximum snap on a narrow wheel. The beveled profile of our 59mm wheels puts the breaks on a slide for tight edges and direction changes.

Height: 59mm
Contact patch: 34.5 mm
Total width: 38.5
Dual Durometer: 92a/96a

Set of 4

Sure-Grip's Royal wheels keep you low to the floor for more balance and maximum control. Highly recommended for young skaters who are developing rhythm and artistic moves with slide. These also make great wheels for concrete bowls and skateparks.

  • 101a
  • 57mm x 31mm
  • Sold in packs of 8 only
The SG1 by Sure-Grip is a skate park wheel designed for roller skates. Hand-poured urethane is firm, durable and long-lasting. A rounded outer edge allows for smoother, transitions while a large contact patch gives increased grip and speed. 57mm / firm
CIB x Reckless Vertex Wheels

ETA March ish 2019. Fits on your current plates

CIB Slide Blocks come in four sizes and are compatible with popular plates. Best of all, they’re super easy to install without removing plates!
Components per package:

  • Slide Blocks
  • 10° Adapters (Silver)
  • 20° Adapters (Black)
  • Install Kit (includes mounting hardware and 5mm T-handle Allen wrench)
  • Instructions

S = width 60mm | height 45mm
M = width 75mm | height 50mm
L = width 90mm | height 54mm
XL = width 110mm | height 54mm
Sliding surface across all = 56mm