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Indoor roller derby wheels are roller skate wheels meant primarily for indoor use on a smooth surface. What makes a roller derby wheel and indoor skate wheel? In general, the hardness of the wheel is what determines indoor or outdoor use. Wheels for roller derby also vary in height, thickness, and in other factors, so choosing roller derby wheels that are comfortable for you may take some trial and error. Luckily, Medusa Skates is available to help you. Tell us your budget, skating ability, your skating surface, and what types of quad skates you have, and let Medusa Skates offer suggestions on which indoor roller derby wheels might be a good pick for you. Medusa Skates carries wheels from every major brand, including Atom, Vanilla, Rollerbones, Radar, Sure-Grip, Labeda, Reckless, and Faster Roller Derby wheels.
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Hard vs. Soft, Slim vs. Wide, Aluminum vs. Nylon hubs…there are so many choices when choosing indoor roller derby wheels, particularly if you are testing out wheels for the first time. While no two wheels will feel the same, there are some general ways to figure out what wheels are right for you. Harder wheels offer greater potential for speed, but they may be difficult for newer skaters to control. Softer wheels tend to give skaters more grip, at the expense of speed. Heavier skaters may find, however, that harder wheels are more comfortable, and very light skaters may decide that softer wheels do not require as much of a speed sacrifice. Slim wheels offer more maneuverability, but they have less surface area for gripping. These wheels are ideal for skaters who juke and move their feet a lot, or have quick, shallow crossovers. Wider wheels offer the best grip on the track, and can help less stable skaters keep their stability. Aluminum hubs are durable, but can be heavier, while nylon hubs are lighter, but offer a different experience in terms of roll.

Still lost? Don’t worry. Contact Medusa Skates and give us your price range, and more information about yourself and the type of surface you usually skate on. We’re more than happy to assist in suggesting wheels for indoor roller derby.