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Roller derby skate plates generally come in two options: Aluminum or other metals, or nylon. While both have advantages and disadvantages, aluminum and other metal plates tend to be far more durable than nylon plates. Because roller skate plates can be difficult to change, it's important to find a plate and boot combo that you feel comfortable using for quite some time. The angle of your roller derby plate will also affect aspects such as stability and agility. For this reason, we highly recommend that you consult with Medusa Skates either by phone, email, or in person if you're not yet sure about which plates you intend to choose. More advanced skaters may prefer an aluminum or magnesium 45 degree angle plate, while newer skaters may prefer a 15 degree angle plate.
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The disadvantages of aluminum and other metal plates is the weight. Some skaters prefer a lighter skate, which will fatigue them less and allow greater speed. Aluminum can be a heavy material, depending on how it is cast. For skaters searching for the durability of aluminum, and the lower weight of nylon, we suggest trying magnesium  or aircraft aluminum plates. These lighter roller derby skate plates are just as strong as aluminum, with the added benefit of weighing more than 20% less than traditional aluminum plates. Most magnesium plates, like the magnesium Sure Grip Avenger, are also 45 degree angle plates, which offer maximum agility benefits.