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Nylon skate plates are some of the lightest roller derby skate plates. Nylon plates can offer advantages in terms of weight, and also cost. In generally, nylon skate plates are ideal for a skater on a budget. Most nylon skates also offer adjustable toe stop options, making it easier to move and adjust toe stop height on the go. Medusa Skates carries a wide range of nylon plates for every budget, and if you’re looking for the lightest skates possible, ask us about configurations that will offer you all the speed you need. When paired with light boots and wheels, a nylon plate can offer a skate experience that will let you spend less energy moving your feet, and more energy playing roller derby.
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A note on skater weight: Nylon plates work best for skaters under 150 lbs. Roller derby is a high intensity sport that can be hard on equipment, and some nylon plates are not as durable as aluminum skate plates. In general, skaters who weigh under 150 lbs will need less durability in a plate. Skaters who weight over 150lbs are able to skate comfortably on nylon plates, but there is a slightly greater likelihood that the plate will suffer from wear and tear faster. The durability and longevity of a nylon plate will depend greatly on how you skate, and how frequently you skate. Contact Medusa Skates if you have any more questions about aluminum vs. nylon skate plates.