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Mouth Guards are a part of the required roller derby gear set. In fact, mouth guards are such an important part of roller derby gear that a major penalty is given in Flat Track roller derby for skaters who are on the track or even standing up off the track without a mouth guard. With that in mind, Medusa Skates stocks only the best, and most comfortable mouth guards for roller derby. Shock Doctor and SISU guards even back up their claims with dental insurance. Mouth guards for roller derby are available in a variety of colors and styles. Medusa Skates can assist you in determining which mouth guard is best for you when you purchase your roller derby gear.
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Mouth guards are essential in Roller Derby because they protect the teeth from damage, and because they may also help prevent concussions. That’s why skaters are not allowed to skate without having in some form of mouth guard. However, some mouth guards are definitely better than others in terms of protection and comfort. Skaters with a strong gag reflex will want a mouth guard that can be trimmed to size, or that is form fitting to the teeth. Skaters also have a tendency to remove uncomfortable mouth guards more often, leaving them vulnerable to injury, particularly in practices if the mouth guard rule is not closely enforced. It is in your best interests to choose a comfortable mouth guard that you will be able to wear for extended periods of time. Medusa Skates can offer reviews and assistance in choosing a mouth guard for roller derby.