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Elbow Pads at Medusa Skates are available from a variety of manufacturers. You can choose elbow pads from as Scabs, 187, TSG,Triple 8, Atom, Sure Grip, Pro-Design and more. As always, fit for any roller derby protective gear is critical, so don’t hesitate to contact Medusa Skates with sizing and fit questions. It’s always our goal to get you in the best, safest roller derby gear possible. While you’re looking at elbow pads, don’t forget other required types of derby gear, such as mouthguards, helmets, knee pads, and wrist guards. You can’t skate without them!
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Elbow pads are some of the most often overlooked pieces of roller derby protective gear. It’s not terribly common to fall on the elbows, but it certainly happens. Let’s also not overlook those occasions when skating on abrasive surfaces. Elbow pads protect the area of the arm where the skin is thinnest, and therefore, they offer concentrated protection to the most at-risk area of the arm. Elbow pads also protect important joint in the elbow.  Elbow pad comfort, therefore, is less important in terms of impact, but fit is everything! The goal of elbow pads for roller derby is never to notice them. Find elbow pads that fit well, don’t shift, and feel good on your arms, and you’ll be a happy skater.