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Knee pads can be some of the most important pieces of derby gear you buy. Not only are derby knee pads essential skating protective gear, but they also can influence your level of comfort when playing roller derby. Medusa Skates carries many major manufacturers of skating protective gear, such as Scabs, 187, Pro-Designed, TSQ, Triple 8, Atom, Sure Grip, and more! Be sure to call, email, or stop in to check on sizing before you purchase! Medusa skates is always available to help you choose the most suitable roller derby pads for your budget.
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Why is the comfort of your knee pad so important? After all, rollergirls don’t cry, right? Well, think of it this way; the more comfortable your knee pad, the more likely you are to practice essential safety maneuvers like falls. When falls don’t hurt, you’re far more likely to practice techniques that will allow you to fall safely and prevent injury. A good roller derby knee pad will protect you from impact injury, but only this essential muscle memory can protect you from sprains, strains, and torn ligaments. Another way that comfy pads can improve your game is by removing the intimidation factor from falls. It’s easier to hit harder and skate more aggressively if you’re not afraid to go down hard. So get the best roller derby knee pads you can afford, and get skating!