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Wrist guards for roller derby are absolutely crucial to skating safely and staying protected. Medusa Skates carries all the most popular brands of roller derby wrist guards, including Atom, Triple 8, Scabs, TSG, and Pro Design. Wrist protection is important in derby, because an injured wrist can prevent a skater from taking part in roller derby for a long time. Check with Medusa Skates to inquire about the correct sizing for your wrist guards, and most importantly, stay safe! Medusa Skates also carries wrist guards and other roller derby protective gear for Jr. roller derby skaters, too!
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Wrist guards are one of the required pieces of roller derby gear for a reason. As skaters fall, one of the primary points of impact is the wrist, while the fingers curl to protect from rolling skaters coming in from behind. Without this protection, the wrist can easily become over extended and sprain or strain. The hard impact absorbing plastic in the wrist guard takes that force and distributes it through the guard while keeping your wrist stable and supported. Some wrist guards are better than others, and some will offer more mobility than others. If you find that you use your hands frequently in roller derby, invest in wrist guards that offer freedom of movement.