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What is a more iconic way to express your interests than a t-shirt? Our t-shirts say so much about us, and you can take advantage of the real estate of an awesome t-shirt to proclaim your love of roller derby! Medusa Skates carries a wide range of roller derby shirts, including shirts from Skate Ink, RokUrFace and Sourpuss. Don’t miss out on the chance to rock your own Medusa style, with a shirt emblazoned with the Medusa Skates logo. If you have any questions on roller derby t-shirt sizing, contact Medusa Skates for more information.
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Roller derby shirts round out a perfect wardrobe dedicated to a fun lifestyle.  More importantly, they’re the perfect thing to pack for away games, afterparties, and mash-up boutfits.  Roller derby t-shirts also make excellent gifts for friends, family and fans. Mix up your usual league shirts with some fun, non-league apparel that will let you proclaim your love of roller derby anywhere you go. Most shirts for roller derby are women’s sizes, so be sure to ask Medusa Skates for sizing information if you’re unsure of the fit.