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Vanilla roller derby skates definitely have style. With cool designs and a comfortable fit, Vanilla skates are still among the most popular for roller derby skaters. If you’re ready to get your own Vanilla skates, check out a few of our favorite combinations of Vanilla boots, wheels, and plates. Don’t see exactly what you want here? Don’t worry! Medusa Skates can offer you a quote for your dream skates. If you don’t quite know what you want yet, we’re also happy to offer a consultation by phone, email, or in the shop. Don’t be afraid to demand exactly what you want in a roller derby skate!
How does Medusa Skates make a quote for skates? Well, depending on what you’re looking for, Medusa Skates will offer a custom quote based on the component parts of your order. Considerations that may affect the price of custom skates, however, may be issues such as whether or not the skate you want comes pre-assembled by the manufacturer, or needs assembling at Medusa Skates. Plates mounted by skate manufacturers are not always customizable, and if you want plates mounted on your boots that are ideal for derby, and for your foot size and skating style, it’s best to have a consultation with Medusa Skates to discuss how you’d like your skates assembled. Don’t just accept ‘good enough’ when purchasing your quad skates. Skates for roller derby are a huge investment, and you should be entirely sure that you’re getting precisely what you want and need.