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Vanilla makes roller derby skate boots and wheels designed specifically for a great level of play, and fantastic looks. The Vanilla Brass Knuckle boot is increasingly popular among roller derby skaters, and Vanilla wheels are quality wheels that offer a competitive experience at a variety of price points. Vanilla skates have an impressive line of skates that are appropriate for jam and flow skaters, but Vanilla roller derby skates are highly sought after among professional derby players and amateurs alike. Vanilla wheels come in a variety of styles and durometers, with hubs available in several designs, colors, and materials. One notable feature of the Vanilla wheels is the incredible lightness of Vanilla Backspin wheels. These wheels are the lightest wheel on the roller derby wheel market by a wide margin, due to the lightweight hub.
Are Vanilla roller derby skates right for you? If you’ve absolutely fallen in love with one of the designs of Vanilla skates for roller derby, it’s important that you take a chance to check on the fit before you buy. You can do this either by coming into Medusa Skates for a fitting, borrowing a friend’s skates, or calling or emailing Medusa Skates for comparisons on fit and comfort levels. Vanilla boots are generally low, so if you’re used to ankle coverage, take that into consideration.