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Triple Eight is one of the leaders in providing roller derby protective gear. Triple Eight is often the go-to for most roller derby gear, due to attractive options in price and package deals. Triple Eight makes classic styled roller derby helmets in fun colors, with changeable sweat guards that allow you to customize even further. Triple Eight also makes roller derby protective gear like wristguards, elbow pads, and knee pads. Fall on your tailbone a lot? Pick up the roller derby bum saver and cushion your awesome derby butt and deliver more powerful hits that won’t raise bruises. If you’re not sure on the fit, Medusa Skates can help answer sizing and fitting questions. Call, email, or stop into the Austin location to see which Triple Eight roller derby protective gear is the best fit.
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The beauty of roller derby protective gear is the number of options you have. Not only is there gear that will fit any size player, but there’s roller derby gear for every budget. Newer skaters may often start out with less expensive gear, which will match a low-contact skating environment. However, as skaters improve and take more risks, better quality and even additional gear becomes necessary. Quality gear not only keeps you safe, but it can dramatically improve your game. When a fall doesn’t hurt, it’s easy to get back up and recover, and an injury that doesn’t happen won’t take you out of the game. Good gear is also an investment that may save you a hospital bill, or keep you from missing time off work due to a roller derby injury. Do the math. Spend the money now, and save it later.