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Sure Grip is a great one-stop shop brand for everything roller derby! Sure grip provides everything for a top to bottom roller derby skate look, including skate boots, skate plates, roller derby wheels, and derby gear. Sure Grip is known around Medusa Skates for carrying amazing roller skate plates that are in high demand. The Avenger Magnesium plate is light, flexible, and durable. Sure Grip also makes some great wheels and skates. For more information on making a complete roller derby skate package with Sure Grip parts, check with Medusa Skates for our recommendations on the best roller derby skates and gear. Sure grip also makes a bearing press that will simplify your life and bring you great joy – trust us!
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Do I really need a bearing press?

Yes, you do. Seriously, this is not even a proper question. You DO need a bearing press, because without one, you’ll be full of tears and frustrated cries. We may be exaggerating a little bit, but in all seriousness, having a bearing press on hand will make you far more likely to actually remove and clean your bearings. This will help prolong their life, keep you rolling quickly, and save you some money. It also makes changing wheels easier, and saves you from having to buy an additional set of roller skate bearings for every set of wheels you own. A bearing press is an investment that you won’t regret.