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Medusa Skates has a great selection of roller skate wheels, from every major manufacturer of skate wheels. We have indoor skate wheels designed for flat track, banked track, speed, juking, skatepark, and overall performance. We also have outdoor skate wheels that will let you take your skate love out on the streets! Not sure what kind of roller skate wheels you need? Just ask us! We’ll be happy to help you figure out what wheels will work best for your budget, the types of surfaces you expect to be skating on, and your personal style.
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Atom Savant Wheels Atom Savant Wheels
Our Price: $49.99

Roller Bones Turbo Wheels Rollerbones Turbo Wheels
Our Price: $79.99

Sure-Grip Royal Roller Skate Wheels Sure-Grip Royal Wheels
Our Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $69.99

Radar Riva Roller Skate Wheels Radar Riva Wheels 96A
Our Price: $15.00

Sonar Zen Wheels Sonar Zen Wheels
Our Price: $15.00

When choosing the best roller derby wheels, everything from your weight, to the weight of the wheel, and the type of surface you’re skating on can make a difference. There is no such thing as “The Best Roller Derby Wheel.” The best skate wheel is the wheel that matches your needs and your style of play. A general rule of thumb is that softer indoor skate wheels have more grip on the floor, and that harder wheels have a faster roll. There are also hybrid wheels that offer a bit of both. Wheels vary in size and weight, and these variables can make a difference in your roller derby skate experience.