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The best roller derby skates will last forever with good maintenance. All it takes is a little work to keep your derby skates in top condition. Effective maintenance will also ensure that you are aware of the condition of your roller skates, and that you can take care of issues before something catastrophic happens. Regularly maintaining plates and bearings will give you a reliable roll, and help you stay on top of your game. Medusa Skates not only offers parts and maintenance services. We also offer regular workshops on how to take care of your roller derby skates, pick the best equipment, and perform regular maintenance. We also offer services such as plate removal and mounting, bearing insertion and removal, and free advice on purchasing parts for your roller derby skates.
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Arius Axis Pin Arius Axis Pin
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Arius Replacement Truck Arius Replacement Truck
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Axles Sleeves Axle Sleeves
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bionic cushions Bionic Pilot Plate Cushions
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Bionic Stopper Bionic Stopper
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Bionic Super Stoppers Bionic Super Stoppers
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Bionic Wrench Bionic Wrench
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Bones Speed Cream Bones Speed Cream
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Bont Athena Plates Bont Athena Plates
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Bont Mounting Hardware Bont Mounting Hardware
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Bont Toe Caps Bont Toe Caps
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Chaya Rubber Stoppers Chaya Cherry Bomb Toe Stops
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Custom Toecaps Custom Toecaps
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Elephant Wrench Elephant Wrench
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Superball Toe Stops Gumball SUPERBALL Toe Stops
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Kingpin Nut Kingpin Nut
Our Price: $2.00
Key skate maintenance that should be performed regularly includes some of the following tasks:
· Remove and clean bearings roughly once every two to three weeks, if you skate three or more times a week. Bearings should also be lubricated regularly with bearing grease or bearing lube. A bearing speed wash can help with cleaning bearings. Call Medusa Skates to ask about a bearing cleaning workshop if you’re unsure about how to clean skate bearings. If done incorrectly, bearings may rust and become unusable.

· Remove and clean wheels at least once every two weeks. Clean axles of hair or dirt, which will also help keep bearings clean.
· Test toe stops and trucks before every skate to ensure that nothing is loose, that washers or cushions are not cracked, and that your plates are in good shape.
· Test nylon plates for cracks or evidence of weakness regularly.
· Protect toes with toe covers, especially when skating outdoors. Protecting toes will ensure that your roller derby skates last much longer.