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Quality roller derby gear is not only a luxury – it can save a skater some expensive medical costs down the road. Many new rollergirls begin their skating career with beginner roller derby gear while they decide if they’ll stick with the sport, and then work their way up toward professional quality skating protective gear as they become more serious, take more risks, and put their derby gear to hard use. At Medusa Skates, we have a collection of all the top types of roller derby equipment, including skate knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, mouthguards, and helmets. You can buy everything you need to get started in your roller derby career right here. Not sure what size you need? Call, email, or stop by the store for a sizing consultation that will make sure you’ve got the best fit.
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Choosing roller derby gear is a highly personal experience, and the fit and styling is important for skaters of all levels of play. Skate knee pads may affect how you do your crossovers. A properly fitted mouthguard can improve breathing abilities. Wrist guards and elbow pads should fit snugly, so they don’t shift during the game or impede movement. When choosing your roller derby protective gear, work with an expert. Ask us for recommendations on size, fit, or comfort. For skaters on a budget, economical roller derby gear is available, and will get you legally skating while you learn your way around the track.