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Riedell is almost synonymous with roller derby skates. Not only are Riedells some of the most popular quad skates worldwide, but they’re available in a wide range of styles and price points. Here at Medusa Skates, we’ve put together a wide range of roller derby skates using Riedell boots, wheels, and other parts, to make great combo powerhouse skates for roller derby. Make the most of Riedell skate boots by pairing them with the best roller derby skate plates and wheels available. Don’t see the exact combination you’re looking for here? Ask Medusa Skates for a custom configuration of Riedell boots, plates, and wheels.
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Medusa Skates leans on years of experience in playing roller derby to determine what combinations of parts make the winning combination. However, choosing your own unique style of skate may be the best way to get the most out of your roller derby experience. Always feel free to call, email, or visit Medusa Skates for a quote on your ideal, customized skate. Choose from dozens of styles of skate boot, plates, wheels, laces, and more. Make your roller derby skate something that reflects your skating ability and allows you to realize your full potential as a rollergirl.