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Pro-Design pads are the only option available for completely customized roller derby gear. Not only are Pro-Design pads made to your size, but even your weight and position as a roller derby skater are taken into account. Pro-Design pads can be purchased off the shelf, or ordered tailored to your specifications. Pro Design pads also come in a variety of available colors and patterns, so you can not only have gear that fits perfectly, but you can customize your look, too. To purchase Pro-Design pads, let Medusa Skates work with you to create your special order. Medusa Skates can give you information on how to measure yourself for pads, answer questions about order time, or correspond with Pro-Design on your behalf.
Why are custom pads such a big deal? As you know, bodies come in all sizes and shapes, and everything from weight to bone structure may influence how pads can fit. Choose mass produced roller derby gear right off the rack may be an acceptable option for some, but one-size-fits-all doesn’t really apply in the real world. Pro-Design pads is one of the few manufacturers of derby protective gear that offers solutions for plus size skaters, and it’s possible to get a set of comfortable pads no matter what size you are. Better safe than sorry! Pads that fit better will offer better protection than poorly fitted gear.