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Heartless has distinguished itself by targeting their roller derby wheels specifically to players who favor agility and mobility. Heartless wheels have a slim, light profile, and are manufactured in the USA specifically for use as a roller derby skate wheel. Heartless wheels come in a variety of hardness levels and colors, and can be mixed with softer slim quad skate wheels to create a killer mix of power and speed. These wheels are 62mm x 35mm. To learn more how heartless wheels compare to other wheels on the market, contact Medusa Skates for reviews and opinions on how the Heartless roller derby skate wheels compare to your favorites.
Mixed roller derby wheel configurations are popular among experienced players. A mixed configuration of quad skate wheels allows skaters to take advantage of both the speed of harder wheels, and the additional grip of softer wheels. Popular configurations include having softer wheels on the left for pushing, and harder wheels on the right. Another popular combo is to have a softer wheel on the left top and the right bottom, with harder wheels on the left bottom and right top. Experiment, and come up with your own favorite combo! Heartless wheels for roller derby make great mixers with other slimline wheels, or they’re wonderful on their own. Call or visit Medusa Skates for more ideas on mixing wheels effectively.