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Derby Skinz is a family owned and operated company that caters specifically to the roller derby community with an amazing selection of roller derby apparel, and roller derby accessories, such as helmet panties. Derby Skinz make great uniforms for roller derby, as well as provide stable pieces for any outfit. Medusa Skates always carried a wide selection of Derby Skinz in the shop, so if you don’t see the color or style you’re looking for, stop in or email us with your requests. Medusa Skates can order customized helmet panties or roller derby uniforms, so don’t be shy about getting your Derby Skinz through Medusa! For sizing and fit information on Derby Skinz, please feel free to contact us with your measurements so we can help you pick out the perfect pair of Skinz.
A word from a Derby Skinz Addict: “I wear Derby Skinz in every single bout! They are flexible, easy to wash, sturdy enough to handle the wear and tear that roller derby can put on clothes, and they make my butt look great!”

Derby Skinz come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. From booty shorts to high-waist, capris, and skirts, there’s a style of Derby Skinz that will match any personality or personal style. Contact us for special requests, or come into the store to see our full selection of roller derby apparel from Derby Skinz.