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Cheezeballs bearings are one of the few roller derby bearings created specifically with roller derby skates in mind. All Cheezeballs skate bearings are rated ABEC 7, and are available in the yummy flavors Cheddar, Gouda, and Swiss. Cheezeballs are becoming popular among roller derby skaters for good reason – they’re durable, responsive, and inexpensive. Medusa Skates keeps Cheezeballs on hand, and is always available to answer any questions you may have about Cheezeballs bearings, or any other bearings for roller derby skates.
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Like most bearings for roller derby, Cheezeballs are available in a variety of materials. The bronze casing on the cheddars is fairly unique, and the gouda offers a low entry price for ceramic bearings. The swiss bearings are manufactured in Switzerland, which is known to be the top maker of bearings for a variety of applications. Not sure what bearing is right for you? Tell us your budget at Medusa Skates, and we can suggest a good bearing that will keep you rolling without breaking the bank.