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Bont is an Australian maker of skate boots, and has become well known for creating light, heat moldable, roller derby skate boots. Bont boots have a slim profile, and are the lightest skate boots currently on the market, making them a favorite among many rollergirls. Bont roller derby boots are a one-piece shoe, which helps in minimizing the weight. These roller skate boots are also manufactured by hand, which makes them fairly unique in the quad skate world. For sizing information on Bont boots, feel free to contact Medusa Skates with questions, or come into the store to try on your very own pair of Bonts. Bont also produces a leather toe cap, which makes a perfect accessory to a pair of new roller derby skates. Hold them for yourself, and feel how light and strong they are!
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Bont Mounting Hardware Bont Mounting Hardware
Our Price: $11.99
Bont Toe Caps Bont Toe Caps
Our Price: $24.99

Bont Quad Hybrid Carbon Bont Super B Roller Skate Boot
Our Price: $399.99
Sale Price: $299.99
Bont Mini 8mm Bearings Bont Mini 8mm Bearings
Our Price: $49.99
Bont Skate Gear Backpack Bont Skate Backpack
Our Price: $59.99
Bont Quadstar Roller Derby Boot Bont Quadstar Boot
Our Price: $198.99
Bont Wheelie Bag Bont Wheelie Bag
Our Price: $98.99
Bont ToeGo Toe Stops Bont ToeGo Toe Stops
Our Price: $22.99
Bont Athena Plates Bont Athena Plates
Our Price: $219.99
Bont Hybrid with Athena Plate Bont Hybrid with Athena Plate
Our Price: $539.99

Bont Waxed Laces Bont Waxed Laces
Our Price: $7.99
Bont Parkstar Skate Boots Bont Parkstar Skate Boots
Our Price: $199.99

Sizing up your roller derby skate boot is always an important part of buying roller derby skates. It’s best to try on skate boots in person, or to borrow skates from a friend to see how they fit. Because Bont boots are heat moldable, they do offer more flexibility than most skate boots in terms of fit, but it’s still a good idea to make sure that your sizing is accurate. We are always available to take questions related to quad skate sizing concerns, and will be happy to help you find the perfect skate boot for your dream pair of roller derby skates.