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Bones bearings were first created for skateboard enthusiasts who found that bearings on the market in the late 1980s did not focus on speed. With this in mind, Bones began the search for bearing manufacturers who could make skate bearings that were strong, durable, and focused on speed. Today, Bones bearings are a popular choice for roller derby skaters, and Medusa Skates always carries a stock of Bones bearings, and associated products, such as Bones Speed Cream, which will help roller derby skaters keep the speed they need to bring their best game to the track. For more information on maintaining bearings, stay tuned for information on workshops at Medusa Skates in Austin, or submit your questions via email.
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Bones Redz Skate Bearings Bones Redz Skate Bearings
Our Price: $39.95

Bones Super REDZ Bones Super REDZ
Our Price: $65.95

Bones Swiss Bones Swiss
Our Price: $121.95
Bones Swiss 6-Ball Bones Swiss 6-Ball
Our Price: $139.95

Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bones Ceramic Super Reds
Our Price: $199.95
bones bearing pull Bones Bearing Puller
Our Price: $16.99

Rollerbones Bearings Rollerbones Bearings
Our Price: $27.99

The Bones brand is well-known in the name of roller derby, and popular bearings produced by this company include Bones Reds, which are made in China, and Bones Swiss, which are made in Switzerland. All Bones products are high quality, but ceramic and the “Bones Super Reds” and “Bones Super Swiss” offer higher quality parts for less friction than the basic line. Because the bearing in a roller derby wheel affects the “roll” and the effort required to move on the track, investing in good bearings is highly recommended. Bones roller derby bearings and the racing speed cream are an excellent way to keep a skater moving. Contact Medusa Skates for more information about ordering Bones bearings for roller derby skates.