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Atom skate wheels are the product of a partnership between Nistevo, and many high quality producers of wheels for both quad skates and inline skates. Medusa Skates carries a wide selection of Atom wheels for roller derby skates. Atom wheels have been designed with a wide variety of functions in mind, but in the past few years, Atom Wheels has focused on working specifically with roller derby players to develop wheels that are ideally suited for playing derby on quad skates. Atom Wheels offer several very popular roller derby wheels, including the popular go-to wheel, the Atom Poison hybrid wheel. With roller skate wheels in a variety of hardness levels, there’s certain to be an Atom Wheel at Medusa Skates for your personal skating style and skate surface.
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Atom Wheels has worked directly with prominent roller derby leagues, including Gotham, the Olly Rollers, and TXRG to develop roller derby wheels that meet the specific needs of roller derby skaters. They’ve combined this feedback with the technological capabilities of some of the best wheelmakers in the world to create wheels that are specifically made for playing roller derby. Not sure what Atom Wheels are the right ones for you? Talk to Medusa Skates for a consultation that will determine your skating level, skate surface, and style of play. From there, the knowledgeable staff at Medusa will be able to recommend a wheel for you.