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187 Killer Pads represent some of the top choices of roller derby pads and roller derby protective gear on the market. Medusa Skates carries a wide selection of 187 roller derby pads, including elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and knee gaskets to protect you during a heavy-hitting derby session. Pads for roller derby are sized, so it’s a good idea to either come into Medusa Skates in Austin, or call or email for advice on fitting 187 killer pads. 187 Killer Pads also makes helmets, so if you decide to go for a matched set, you can get nearly all your required roller derby gear with a similar design style. 187 Killer Pads is a brand of pads for skaters that was developed over a decade ago. During that time, Killer pads have proven themselves to be among the top line of roller derby protective gear.
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Pads can make all the difference in a roller derby skate experience. There is no underestimating the importance of protective gear for roller derby. Good knee and elbow pads reduce injury, reduce painful bruises that may lessen your skating experience, and generally make the sport safer and more enjoyable.  Knee gaskets are a great investment, as are pads that fully cover the protected area. If you do any skating outside on concrete and pavement, better pad coverage will prevent the pad from slipping and exposing skin to abrasions. Safe skating! Call, email, or visit Medusa Skates in Austin for more information about the types of pads we carry, and what sort of pad is best for you and your budget.